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People, the world over, have sung and danced in a celebration of life. Brigham Young University's American Folk Dance Ensemble from Provo, Utah, USA, creates a colorful tapestry of the finest traditional music, costuming, and choreography to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the United States.

Each performance is a cultural expression, strongly associated with a specific group or people a reflection of American custom and belief. Whether performing the furious footwork of Appalachian clogging or gliding smoothly through the figures of a beautiful New England Contra, the ensemble always delights their audiences with a fast-paced, superbly staged program.

The dance troupe presents repertoire which includes music and choreography from the areas of New England, the Appalachian Mountains, the southern United States, and the Rocky Mountains. In addition, they perform other dance styles that portray significant periods of the twentieth century in the United States.

The troupe includes musicians, singers, and dancers, who combine to form one of the most unique groups of performing artists in the United States. Mountain Strings, the group's folk music ensemble, adds the magic of live music. The performers, all students at Brigham Young University, come from throughout the United States.

This group has been performing successfully at folk festivals for the 50 years. While at festivals they perform dances and music that include Cowboys, American Clogging (step dancing), early american pioneer round dances, and more. Over the 50 years audiences have enjoyed the selection of dances this group performs. Although when touing the United States they do international dances, while at festivals they do only Amercian dances. In addition to the performing, this group welcomes the opportunity to mix with the audience and teach them some of our dance through interaction.

The performance 'blew our socks off'-nearly two hours of solid, continuous entertainment from a group of 36 performers who are a credit to not only themselves but to BYU. I sat next to a prominent Aboriginal indigenous leader in one of the matinees. He slapped his thighs , yahoo'd, said 'awesome' about 20 times and brought his entire family to the following evening performance. He then. . . presented the group with aboriginal-made gifts-the same spirit affected everyone who attended."
                   --Phil Baker, Perth, Australia

"No one in the audience could have known—from quality, precision, and standards of your troupe—that they were, in fact, an ensemble of college students. As noted by one of our guests, ‘they put a smile back on my face…please bring them back!"
           --Jonathon Rice, Cultural Attaché, U.S. Embassy, Amman, Jordan



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