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BYU performing groups serve throughout the world during summer tours.     

Every spring and summer for the past 50 years, a select number of BYU students are given the opportunity to "go forth to serve" while performing around the globe, from quaint towns nestled in the Midwest to some of the world’s most exotic destinations.

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Ballroom Dance Company - Returning to China
When Lee and Linda Wakefield, codirectors of the BYU Ballroom Dance Company, first traveled to China in the 1980s, ballroom dance was something the Chinese people had never seen before. However, during each visit the company made to China in the ensuing years, they noticed their beloved form of dance becoming increasingly popular—not just with the people but with the government as well. Now, 30 years since their very first visit to China, the BYU Ballroom Dance Company will return once again.

Contemporary Dance Theatre - Dancing to the East: A Special Encounter with China
As ambassadors for their school and for their country during their fall 2013 tour, The BYU Contemporary Dance Theatre, brought the spirit of the West to meet their dancing Eastern counterparts as they performed alongside the Beijing Dance Academy during the Chun Hua Qiu Shi Festival, in the National Center for the Performing arts in Beijing, China.

Young Ambassadors - Reaching Cultures Through Expressions of Music and Love
When Randy Boothe went on his first Young Ambassadors tour in 1970 at age 18, things worked a bit differently than they do now. “In those days tours were considerably longer because we left in January and were out for about 12 weeks; we were on tour the whole semester,” says Boothe. Forty-three years later those same emotions were at the core of what inspired Boothe to create the Young Ambassadors’ new show, Heartsongs: Melodies of Love, an exciting compilation of classics, musical theater selections, and mainstream hits.

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BYU Touring History Video     High Speed | Low Speed
This video shows where our performing groups have visited since 1952. Each time a country flashes, it is a new visit to that area.

BYU Touring History Maps     Symbol Map | Heat Map
See where BYU ensembles have performed over the last 40 years.