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Experience the energy and excitement as the internationally acclaimed Brigham Young University performing groups take the stage in Salt Lake City at BYU Winterfest 2017.Over the course of several weekends Vocal Point, Noteworthy, International Folk Dance Ensemble, Living Legends, Young Ambassadors, and Ballroom Dance Company dazzle audiences with performances showcasing a variety of artistic tastes.
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Ultimate A Cappella Mashup: 25 Hits, 25 Years

In celebration of its 25 year anniversary, Vocal Point released "Ultimate A Cappella Mashup: 25 Hits, 25 Years," featuring over 65 Vocal Point alumni and guest star Sophia Osmond.

The music video features musical hits and Vocal Point alumni from the past quarter of a century. The video was shot in one take, making it a particularly remarkable feat when considering the 65 performers, several props and sets, and intricate staging involved.

Watch the new music video here.