Folk Dance Ensemble Perform for International Ambassadors

The International Folk Dance Ensemble recently traveled to the East Cost to perform for international ambassadors. The group was invited for the 15th time to perform their dances that preserve and represent American traditions.

They brought history to life in America’s birthplace for ambassadors and their families who work in Washington, DC. Each ambassador had a unique background and came from different parts of the world. The diversity of audience members was an exciting opportunity for the group to share American traditions.

The performance was held at a ranch in Hume, VA. The countryside setting added to the ambiance of the western dances performed. The International Folk Dance Ensemble is unique because many dance companies do not specialize in American folk dance. Dances performed were a western cowboy dance, an American clogging dance, an American Charleston, and a country western country swing. The group preserves and teaches history by performing American dances.

In addition, Native American dances were performed by Living Legends. History can be taught and talked about but is most memorable when danced. America’s roots are important to understand in order to know why the United States was created.

Of the entire trip, the most memorable part of the performance was working with the ambassadors, who like the International Folk Dance Ensemble, have a common goal. “We all have the same objective— to make this a better world,” said dancer Isaiah Vela.

Understanding and unity connects humans which is the purpose of the International Folk Dance Ensemble. They bring many different cultures alive through dance. The group toured Washington, DC and gained greater purpose for their dancing. “We learned more about our country’s history while feeling incredible respect and honor for the country and devotion to those that have gone before us to make our country a free country,” said Vela.

Members of Folk Ensemble pose with Living Legends outside the performance.