Mountain Strings’ First Music Video Release

Mountain Strings, BYU’s premier Folk Music Ensemble, recently released their first music video Down at the Twist and Shout. The lively video showcases the group’s enthusiastic dynamics at the Castle Amphitheater in Provo, Utah. Audiences travel through different eras and cultures with Mountain Strings’ repertoire and it is only appropriate the video is shot at a location listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Folk music is the new rock n’ roll as those who listen to Mountain Strings will find themselves clapping and moving along to the music. The video features a twangy electric guitar solo by Isaac Geslison and fiddle solos by Grace Dayton and Laura Waters.

The fun and exciting music produced is enjoyed by the young and old. ”There is a cool feeling when we see at our shows a 90-year-old couple and a 20-year-old couple both tapping their feet and bobbing their head to the same music,” says Mountain Strings’ musician Jake Goehring. “It’s music you can just listen to and let your walls down.”

The group connects people to history because their music ranges from the last few decades back to hundreds of years ago. “I think that people would benefit from knowing their musical heritage,” says Goehring. “It is a special experience hearing the music that your ancestors loved.”

Everyone enjoys Mountain Strings as the repertoire includes early 20th century swing and jazz to 70s rock to Celtic music. “This type of music generates good vibes,” says Goehring.” The traditional folk music is modernized by adding acoustic and electrics guitars and percussion instruments. A few of the unique instruments used by the group are the cajón, bodhrán (a Celtic drum), bones, spoons, dulcimer, and accordion.

Mountain Strings originally formed to accompany BYU’s international Folk Dance Ensemble in world-wide tours to provide energetic rhythm that only live music can give. Today, Mountain Strings also performs privately and for local audiences. Upcoming performances are November 30 and December 1, 2018 at “Christmas Around the World” and a traditional concert on December 12, 2018 in BYU’s Madsen Recital Hall.