Encore Spring 2022

Contemporary Dance Theatre

A Journey: Contemporary Dance Theatre

Contemporary Dance Theatre, 2015, Europe

BYU Contemporary Dance Theatre is a nationally recognized ensemble that performs a wide variety of modern dance compositions. Through the power of dance and the artistic drive of the students, Contemporary Dance Theatre has been able to establish international relationships and win numerous awards, such as the 2015 Grand Prix award at the New Prague Dance Festival. The group’s tour history includes an impressive repertoire of performing in 23 different countries and countless venues within the United States.

During the group’s 2012 tour to India, the students danced on dirt floors, met with dignitaries, presented firesides, worked with humanitarian services, and performed in numerous sold-out shows. One audience member stated, “The lives of our friends out there were enriched and the dancers were deeply affected. The combination of performance and education is terrific. The performers open the doors and then when they meet with people and teach, lives become richer.”

Contemporary Dance Theatre, 2021, BYU

Another significant event in the group’s history was their 2014 invitation to dance at the National Center for the Performing Arts in China. At this event, Contemporary Dance Theatre performed a collaborative choreography with dancers from the Beijing Dance Academy to a full house and received a standing ovation.

Contemporary Dance Theatre, 1988, BYU