Encore Spring 2019

Ballroom Dance Company

Back in Blackpool

Landon Anderson and Laurel Loveless lead the group in the show’s opener, “Come Alive.”

BYU’s Ballroom Dance Company will return to Europe this summer for their 2019 tour, visiting cities such as Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Barcelona, and London. A major event in their trip will be the Blackpool Dance Festival, held in Blackpool, England. The Ballroom Dance Company has competed in Blackpool every three years since 1971, often taking first place in both the Latin formation and ballroom formation team categories.

Some members of the company will be returning to the competition for a second time. “I did not think it would happen again,” says dancer Matthew Holden, who has been on the team for four years. “Just to be on that stage in that moment in the amazing venue, with people from around the world there wanting to do their best, and to be with my team again—it is going to be the real highlight of the trip.”

Jaren Hopkin and Autumn Hawkes pose in the Ballroom Dance Company samba piece, “Straight to Memphis.”

The group will also take the time to perform for local members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “One of my favorite things is performing for the audiences around Europe,” says Holden.

Along with the many shows the group will perform, the Ballroom Dance Company will tour some of the notable landmarks in each country they visit, like the Palace of Versailles, Warwick Castle, and the Sagrada Família church. “I’m really excited to get to visit some of these places that I’ve only seen in pictures,” says dancer Benjamin Ralph. “There’s nothing more energizing than to be able to be with great friends who are a part of this team and explore the different cultures together.”

The Ballroom Dance Company performs in the jive number, “Proud Mary.”