Ballroom Dance Company

Back to Blackpool

There is a magic to the art of ballroom dancing. From the elegant costumes to the smooth push and pull of the dancers, upper-level dancing is a sight to behold. The BYU Ballroom Dance Company will travel this week to Blackpool, England, to once again compete in the world-class Blackpool Dance Festival, where they hope to win titles from the Latin Formation and Ballroom Formation competitions.

After competing in Blackpool, the Ballroom Dance Company will tour western Europe. They will perform in six cities, in Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Spain. They will also hold youth devotionals and community outreaches throughout the tour. Along with performing, the group will take time to tour the sights, such as the Tower of London, the Eiffel Tower, and the Palace of Versailles.

Joseph Nugent dances with his fellow Ballroom Dance Company members at the preview show in Provo, Utah.