Ballroom Dance Company

Ballroom Bids Farewell to Europe

The Ballroom Dance Company performs for children from Hallesche Jugendwerkstatt, a charitable organization in Halle, Germany.

The BYU Ballroom Dance Company arrived in Halle, Germany, on Monday, May 9. While in the city, the group held a service activity for children in an after-school program sponsored by Hallesche Jugendwerkstatt, a charitable organization that benefitted from the proceeds of the dancers’ performance in Halle.

In two performances sponsored by the Halloren Chocolate Factory, the Ballroom Dance Company thrilled audiences at Steintor-Varieté Halle and helped raise more than 40,000 Euros, which Halloren presented to Hallesche Jugendwerkstatt. A particular highlight of the week was when the dancers visited their hosts and charitable partners at the Halloren Chocolate Factories in Halle and Delitzsch.

Ballroom Dance Company member Logan Barnes shares a gift with a child from Hallesche Jugendwerkstatt.

On Thursday the dancers traveled to Stuttgart, where they performed their last show. During their final day of sightseeing on Friday, the group visited majestic Neuschwanstein Castle and Alpsee, a nearby Bavarian lake, followed by a humbling tour of the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site.

The company flew back to Utah on Saturday, May 14, exhausted but joyful after their unforgettable experiences on tour.

BYU students Paris Christensen and Joe Young dance with children from Hallesche Jugendwerkstatt.

The Ballroom Dance Company poses for a photo after a service activity with children from Hallesche Jugendwerkstatt.