The BYU Cougarettes Stars in Noteworthy’s “Unsteady” Video

BYU’s official all female a capella group, Noteworthy, is known for their fun, energetic, spiritual, and harmonious styles. Their new music video, “Unsteady” adds powerful and astonishing to that list.

Teaming up with the BYU Cougarettes, the outcome of the video was nothing short of alluring. The BYU Cougarettes are both athletes and dancers and by combining them with Noteworthy’s incredible voices, they were able to create something unique, innovative, and daring.

Noteworthy’s videos have great cinematography that relates perfectly back to the song and this new video was no different. The BYU Cougarettes said on their Facebook page, “In late January we had the honor and privilege of making a music video with the talented women of BYU’s Noteworthy. Dancing on muddy concrete, while being “rained” on in a freezing warehouse was something we’ll never forget.”

From the video by Tyler Edwards.