BYU Performing Groups Upcoming Mid-Semester Tours

For the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, BYU’s performing groups are embarking on their mid-semester tours. Comprised of BYU’s most talented musicians and performers, the groups will be taking their energetic performances to a collective 7 states and 16 cities across the US. The Young Ambassadors and Ballroom Dance Company have just finished wrapping up their tours to Idaho, Washington, Wyoming, and Colorado where they captivated audiences with skillful dancing, choreography, theatre, and vocals. February through March, International Folk Dance Ensemble, Living Legends, and Noteworthy will be taking to the stage to deliver their diverse repertoires and performance expertise in what is sure to be a string of unforgettable shows you won’t want to miss. To find out which of these talented groups is coming to a city near you, visit the ‘events and tickets’ section of our website.