BYU Singers

BYU Singers Serenade in New Music Video “It’s You I Like”

Love is in the air as BYU Singers enchant viewers in their new music video, “It’s You I Like,” released just in time for Valentine’s Day. The talented ensemble delivers an affectionately heartfelt performance that beautifully captures the warmth and tenderness of love. 

Accompanied by the soulful notes of Randy Lee on the trumpet, their rendition honors the timeless words of Fred Rogers, emphasizing that in a world fraught with complexity, love is a gentle reminder of the power of connection.

Through their stirring interpretation, BYU Singers invite us to embrace the ones we hold dear and share those beautiful words of belonging. As we bask in the warmth of their musical embrace, may we carry the spirit of this song with us, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day, cherishing the simple yet profound bond that unites us all in love. 

Join in the love and watch BYU Singers’ “It’s You I Like” here.