Video Highlights from the 2019 BYU International Performance Tours

Another season of “Inspiring Learning on Tour” has come to a close as 200 students traveled abroad with several music and dance ensembles from the University. Students from each of these tours had the opportunity to participate in several performances, engage in community service, interact with locals and experience the culture, sights and wonders in every city the visited. Some students, like those who traveled to Brazil with the Living Legends, visited local high schools and held exchanges with local performers from the area. Others, like those who traveled with the Ballroom Dance Company, provided spontaneous entertainment for the local public.

As you watch the videos below, you will get a better idea of what these BYU students experience as they travel abroad and represent Brigham Young University.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first time BYU sent a performance group to China, the University sent a large delegation to China that included more than 200 students, including the Young Ambassadors, Cougarettes, Dunk Team, Chamber Orchestra, Vocal Point, International Folk Dance Ensemble, and members of Living Legends.  This special BYU Spectacular spanned Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an over the course of three weeks.

The BYU Spectacular spent about a week in each city, performing as well as sightseeing the many cultural landmarks, including the Terra Cota Warrior site and the Great Wall of China and other locations.

After the second week and series of wonderful performances, BYU Spectacular finished their tour in Shanghai, delivering two performances to large audiences and visiting a number of historic places.

For the first time since 2005, the BYU Living Legends traveled back Brazil. The group performed in eight cities, visited several local schools, hospitals and an orphanage, and met with community leaders and government officials. Throughout the trip, the group taught their cultural dances to many of the locals and used their talents to bring awareness to the many different cultures they represent in their art.

The Ballroom Dance Company started off their international travels to the world-famous Blackpool Dance Festival  by taking first place in Latin Formation event and second place in the Ballroom Formation event. Afterwards,  the Ballroom Dance Company performed in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Spain and were able to relax and have fun, like performing the sound of an accordion in Lyon, France depicted in the video above.

Each of the members strives to live up to the BYU motto of “Enter to learn, go forth to serve.” Therefore, service makes up a large part of what the BYU performing arts groups do while on tour. Members of Living Legends explain why they choose to serve and what service meant to them while they were on tour in Brazil.

The Ballroom Dance Company had a fantastic first week on their Europe Tour! Starting with the famed Blackpool Dance Festival in Blackpool, England, the Ballroom Dance Company won the Latin Formation Championships and took second in the Ballroom Formation Championships.

The Ballroom Dance Company had a fantastic second week with the continuation of their tour through France and Switzerland. While there, they taught dance lessons, saw the sights of Paris, Brussels, and Geneva as well as performed for large audiences throughout the week.

From The Swiss Alps, to Spanish streets, the Ballroom Dance Company wrapped up their tour to Europe by traveling back to France and then to Spain for performances, sightseeing and an ad hoc performance in the streets of Lyon, France.

Check back again soon- we will add more videos in the future.