Encore Spring 2018

Wind Symphony

Collaborating in the Land Down Under

This May, BYU’s Wind Symphony will venture to Australia. Over their three-week tour of Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and Brisbane, they will perform 11 concerts, some of which will benefit charities. Between concerts, they will participate in several workshops with local universities, high schools, and grammar schools. Wind Symphony student president Brandon Chamberlain says, “I’m excited to meet new people and become acquainted with their way of life. I hope to inspire every member of the ensemble to prepare to perform better than they ever have before.”

Over the course of the tour, the Wind Symphony will have the privilege of performing with some truly phenomenal artists. Four of the concerts will feature guest vocalist Patrice Tipoki Arkins, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and a well-known musical theater star in Australia. Another notable collaboration will be a joint concert with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Wind Symphony. And, much to the delight of BYU’s Wind Symphony director, Don Peterson, one evening will be spent with Australian composer Ralph Hultgren, who has composed many of the Wind Symphony’s favorite pieces. “I’m very taken with the wonderful people of Australia,” says Peterson. “I’m most excited for the friendships between students that will undoubtedly result from their joint performances and collaborations with local musicians.”

In addition to their many concerts, members of the Wind Symphony will take some time to experience the wonderful culture of Australia. They’ll enjoy a visit to the world-famous Sydney Opera House, attend an Aussie-rules football game, and socialize with Kangaroos and koalas at the Featherdale Wildlife Park.