Contemporary Dance Theatre

Contemporary Dance Theatre Participates in European Festival

BYU Contemporary Dance Theatre poses for a publicity photo in 2022.

Contemporary Dance Theatre, BYU’s elite contemporary dance group, is known for its complex productions involving apparatuses, storytelling, ASL performers, original projections, and an eclectic mix of dance styles that embraces contemporary movement. The group seeks to move body, mind, and spirit through their passion for dance and creativity.

On July 1, the 15 students and six tour leaders comprising Contemporary Dance Theatre set off for Europe on their first extended tour in seven years. The dancers will spend their first week on tour in classes and attending performances at the Deltebre Dansa 2022 Festival in Deltebre, Spain. While in Spain, they will also participate in outreach activities in Tortosa and Barcelona. The group will conclude their tour with a week of sightseeing and performing in Paris and Brussels.