Encore Spring 2018

Young Ambassadors

Creating Lasting Memories

In February, Young Ambassadors took its show “Welcome Home” on tour to Arizona and southern Utah. “Welcome Home” features music from Broadway such as “Hamilton,” “Singin’ in the Rain,” The Wizard of Oz,” and “Footloose.”

Amid the group’s seven performances, Young Ambassadors held workshops with high schools and colleges as well as a seminary class in Prescott, Arizona. During the workshops, Young Ambassadors taught music, choreography, and acting from Welcome Home. The locals then performed what they learned and received feedback from Young Ambassadors on their stagecraft.

Another tour highlight was a performance for the senior citizens of Amethyst Gardens care facility in Peoria, Arizona. Young Ambassadors member Scott Hendrickson says, “It’s an opportunity to reach out to individuals, spreading light, recharging spirits, and creating lasting memories for us.”