Encore Fall 2006

Contemporary Dance Theatre

Theatre Ballet

Dancers Tour California, Nevada

The Dancers’ CompanyThe Dancers’ Company left a mark on California and Nevada in February when it gave performances in several cities, including Carson City, Oakland, and Modesto. Although the group performed for large audiences in several beautiful theatres, artistic director Rebecca Phillips said an assembly for underprivileged elementary school children in Stockton, California, was particularly memorable.“From the very beginning these two teachers were in tears,” Phillips said. “I thought, ‘Oh something must be wrong,’ but they were just completely touched by the light the dancers shared and the dances they did.”“The children were into everything,” Phillips said. “The simplest thing you’re doing, they just ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh.’ My students involved the children, and I think that was really rewarding for them.”

Theatre BalletTheatre Ballet toured through California and Nevada in March, delivering a wide variety of dances, including a shortened version of “Snow Queen.” Having such a diverse repertoire was exciting for audiences, according to Karyn Willis, a dancer from Provo.“People said, ‘We didn’t realize how fun ballet could be!’ They said they loved the energy.”Theatre Ballet performed in Mesquite, Nevada, and Oxnard and Irvine, California. They also gave an assembly about ballet for young children at Mound Elementary School in Oxnard.Jan Dijkwel, Theatre Ballet’s artistic director, said one of the highlights of the tour was after each performance when the dancers mingled with members of the audience.“It’s always rewarding for me after the performance when the students have done well, and in addition to the communication that happens during the performance, there’s communication afterward,” Dijkwel said. “Autographs are being handed out; children are asking questions. I peek through the curtain sometimes and that’s always a moment for me in which I am speechless and touched by that.”