Encore Spring 2024


Vocal Point

Finding Inspiration

Noteworthy and Vocal Point pose with artistic director Carson Trautman, Performing Arts Management director Shane Wright, stage manager Jules Clark, projection specialist Evan Cook, and tour leader Julie Rivers.

Noteworthy and Vocal Point recently joined forces to create a unified group. In February 2024, they traveled to Wyoming and Colorado for their first combined tour. The tour was remarkably successful. One performance was held in the Wynona Thompson Auditorium in Cody, Wyoming—a venue that has never sold out before. At Noteworthy and Vocal Point’s show, all eight hundred seats in the auditorium were filled for the first time. The group also held several workshops for high school students. When they were younger, many of the ensemble members had dreamed of singing with Noteworthy or Vocal Point, so mentoring other aspiring performing artists felt like coming full circle. “One of the meaningful connections I made on tour was with a high school female a cappella group in Colorado Springs called Nuance,” says Kassie Sanders, a member of Noteworthy. “It was really cool to see how similar we were. The students were a little timid when we started to workshop with them, but by the end they were ten times more confident in their skills and abilities. We all formed a special connection by being in female a cappella groups. You could tell that the girls were inspired, and I was inspired by them and their enthusiasm.”

Jensen Diederich, a member of Vocal Point, started listening to Vocal Point as a child, and that’s when he discovered that he feels the Spirit through music. He says these experiences with music were foundational to his testimony. While on tour, Diederich also welcomed a powerful, full-circle moment: “During our meet-and-greet with the audience after the show, a

Noteworthy gets ready for a day of travel.

woman approached us and told us how she used to listen to Vocal Point when she was an atheist and how she had recently converted to Christianity. She expressed that our music helped guide her on that path. That is why we do what we do.” In May 2024, Noteworthy and Vocal Point will travel to South Korea, Mongolia, and Japan for an extended tour and will share the transformative power of music abroad.

Vocal Point celebrates after a successful performance at Provo's Covey Center.

Vocal Point members (left to right) Jensen Diederich, Christian Affleck, and Jack Nelson harmonize onstage.