American Folk Dance Ensemble

Folk Dance Ensemble Heads to Hungary

2023 BYU American Folk Dance Ensemble

The BYU American Folk Dance Ensemble departed early in the morning on Wednesday, June 7, anxiously anticipating their arrival in central Europe. While abroad, the ensemble will participate in international folk festivals, including the Danube Carnival in Hungary and IFF Strážnice in Czechia. One of the festivals held in connection with the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts (CIOFF), the Danube Carnival is a celebration involving contemporary dancers, international artists, and traditional Hungarian folk dancers.

The 28 dancers and 7 musicians of the BYU American Folk Dance Ensemble look forward to representing American folk traditions and performing American dances such as the Charleston, the Lindy hop, and clogging. In addition to sharing their own culture, the ensemble will have opportunities to study in workshops, participate in culturally diverse experiences, and exchange dance traditions with other performers by teaching American choreography and learning cultural dances from other groups.