American Folk Dance Ensemble

Folk Dance Ensemble Participates in Cultural Exchange

The most recent production from International Folk Dance Ensemble is an energetic performance of the traditional Hungarian dulándlé. This style of dance comes from the Kalotaszeg Region of Romania, an area committed to preserving traditional folk arts. The villagers preserve Hungary’s rich history of folk art with music, dance, embroidery, woodcarving, and painted furniture. Many of these distinctive elements are included in “Dulándlé,” particularly in the dancers’ ornately embroidered costumes. The video was filmed in Budapest during the ensemble’s June 2023 tour.

In order to ensure the authenticity of the dance, BYU invited the renowned Hungarian choreographer Zsolt Juhász to campus. After learning from Juhász’ expertise and practicing for months, Folk Dance Ensemble brought the dance back to Hungary. While abroad, Folk Dance Ensemble and several other talented dance groups performed for each other, sharing the results of their hard work. The students deeply appreciated the opportunity to learn from world-class artists and found joy in sharing their light with others. Watch “Dulándlé” here!