Living Legends

From Querétaro to Oaxaca

Living Legends student Candace Contreras greets audience members after the Teatro Metropolitano show in Querétaro.

On April 25, Living Legends left campus with 39 talented students and more than 80 pieces of luggage and headed to Mexico. After arriving in Querétaro on April 27, the group performed at the Metropolitano Theatre, where the audience numbered close to 1,000 people. The following day, the group had a cultural exchange with the CBENEQ university in Querétaro. Approximately 150 students from the university participated and were excited to rub shoulders with Living Legends students. 

Living Legends traveled to Oaxaca on April 29. A magnificent welcome was prepared for them at a local building of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, complete with beautiful traditional dances from the stake’s single adults, a music band formed by young men, and a delicious buffet of traditional Oaxacan food. Student Kamailelani Grace said, “It didn’t take even an hour to fall in love with the people of Oaxaca.” 

Living Legends sings “Folofola Mai ‘a Sīsū,” a Tongan hymn, to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who provided dinner for the performers.

On April 30, Living Legends had the privilege of performing for more than 1,000 people in one of the most recognized and legendary theaters in Mexico, La Guelaguetza. The President of the Republic of Oaxaca attended the performance and shared in an interview afterward that it was a beautiful message and spectacle, and he said that the next time Living Legends comes to Oaxaca, he will make sure to fill La Guelaguetza, which has a capacity of 12,000 seats. 

Sunday night, May  1, the students gave a music devotional for 330 youth in Oaxaca. With their strong voices and powerful testimonies, the performers became one with the youth, and all were edified. 

Student Kelina Anderson (right) hugs Marcela Reyes from Oaxaca, Mexico, who made it possible for Living Legends to dance at La Guelaguetza.

The youth in Oaxaca express their love to Living Legends.