Chamber Orchestra

From Salzburg to Florence

Conductors Kory Katseanes (left) of the BYU Chamber Orchestra and Alexander Rindberger of Mondsee Sinfonietta take a bow during their Salzburg concert.

The BYU Chamber Orchestra spent the beginning of their second week on tour in Salzburg, Austria, the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The first site they visited was the Mozart’s Birthplace museum, where they learned about the life and music of the famous composer. The museum showcased many unique photos, personal letters, and a favorite souvenir: Mozart chocolate. 

The Chamber Orchestra’s Salzburg concert was at the University of Salzburg’s Große Aula on May 3. The group invited a local community orchestra called the Mondsee Sinfonietta to share the stage. The two groups even performed one piece together, which they had never previously practiced together, drawing the loudest applause of the concert. 

Violists Colette Brunsdale and Hannah Graham look at photos of a young Mozart at Mozart’s Birthplace.

After Salzburg, it was on to Italy, where the Chamber Orchestra had concerts at two stunning cathedrals, Sant’Antonio Abate in Milan and Ognissanti in Florence. Both concerts were attended by members of the community, local government leaders, local church members, university leaders, and fellow study abroad students from BYU. 

In addition to performing, members of the orchestra visited some of the most recognizable sites in Europe, taking in beautiful architecture from centuries past and seeing some of the world’s greatest pieces of art. Highlights of the week included Neuschwanstein Castle; the Duomo di Milano; da Vinci’s The Last Supper; the Galleria dell’Accademia, which includes Michelangelo’s David; and Salzwelten Hallstatt, the world’s oldest salt mine, located in a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Dressed in traditional mining clothes, members of the Chamber Orchestra pose at Salzwelten Hallstatt, the world’s oldest salt mine.

Members of the Chamber Orchestra hold up their concert tickets prior to hearing the Vienna Philharmonic live.