Vocal Point

Impactful Message in Vocal Point’s New Music Video


Vocal Point shooting new music video "You Will Be Found" in Moab, Utah. (Photograph taken from Vocal Point's Facebook page)

Vocal Point has just released a new music video with a beautiful backdrop in Moab. In this new video, Vocal Point covers the song “You Will Be Found” from the musical Dear Evan Hansen.

“McKay knew the musical [Dear Evan Hansen] and [“You Will Be Found”] was his favorite song from it so it started from there,” says Vocal Point member, Jantzen Dalley. “Then, as we started to work with it, we really got into the message of the video.”

The video shows the unfortunate reality of victims of bullying and delivers an impactful message of kindness, courage, and hope. “We want [the video] to do good in spreading the message of hope and that people are not alone when it comes to bullying,” says Dalley.

Many had the opportunity to join Vocal Point to be a part of this music video, such as Juab High School Choir and Moab Choir. Not only that, Vocal Point sent an open invitation through Facebook asking people to join them in filming this spectacular video. “It was one of our favorite music videos to shoot because so many kids drove down from all over to support us,” says Dalley.

Vocal Point music is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and BYUMusic.