Encore Spring 2020

Lauren Clark Makes It All Count

Lauren Clark tours the Canterbury Cathedral on a trip to England.

Lauren Clark is BYU Performing Arts Management’s new accountant. In 2012 she graduated magna cum laude from BYU with a degree in public relations. Since graduation, she has worked in personal finance and administrative accounting. Once her children are older, she plans to receive a graduate degree in public administration or accounting. 

“I enjoy the organization of finance,” says Clark. “I love taking a lot of messy data and turning it into a clean, concise report that plays a key part in decision-making for the department.” 

Clark also appreciates BYU’s focus to bring uplifting and wholesome entertainment to the world. She loves learning about other cultures and has traveled to England, France, Mexico, and Russia. 

“Culture plays such a vital role in a person’s identity,” says Clark, “and I love learning the meaning behind the customs different groups have.”