Living Legends

Living Legends Release Dance Videos for the Very First Time

Due to the impact COVID-19 had on live-audience performances, Living Legends, as well as many other BYU performing groups, produced music videos of their dances to bring a part of their show to the homes of people all over the world. Native Living Legends dancers performed a combination of the Female’s Jingle dance and the Men’s Fancy. “Ozhigaabawi”, which means “One Stands Ready”,  is a symbol of hope and healing as the Native dancers raise awareness of the realities of their people.

In addition to the inspiring Jingle and Fancy dance, Living Legend’s Latin Section is featured in a short love story called “Regreso al Campo”. Female and male members join in traditional Argentine dances called “La Chacarera” and “Malambo”. The beautiful scenery, as well as the authentic Argentine outfits, allow for a real sense of what it would be like to be in “Los Campos” of Argentina.