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Vocal Point

Musical Marvels

Confetti fills the air as Vocal Point members hit their last pose performing “Permission to Dance” on the noontime game show TicktoClock.

On May 2, Vocal Point took three flights, totaling more than 24 hours, to arrive in Manila and kick off their three-week tour in nine cities across the Philippines. Thursday morning the group hit the ground running with a visit to GMA Network Studios to appear on the noontime game show TiktoClock, where Vocal Point members played several rounds of musical chairs. The show culminated in the group singing “Permission to Dance” by BTS. The group also gave interviews on morning shows for CNN Philippines and GMA.

Despite the television fun, the highlight of Vocal Point’s first week was meeting with the Mabuhay Deseret Foundation. The organization works with local doctors to facilitate the provision of life-changing cleft surgeries, eye surgeries, clubfoot corrections, and prosthetics for thousands of people in the Philippines every year. Vocal Point spent the afternoon getting to know the workers, children, and patients involved and were pleased to donate the proceeds of their sold-out show to the foundation.

Vocal Point captivates 1,750 fans at the Baguio Convention and Cultural Center in the Philippines.

Vocal Point’s second week was jam-packed with television appearances, travel, service, and performances. On Wednesday, the group set up at their largest concert venue of the tour: the Baguio Convention and Cultural Center. Audience members lined up for two blocks to get into the concert. With 1,750 attendees, the concert was full of energy—so full, in fact, that security stood in front of the stage to prevent crowds from rushing it.

Toward the end of their tour, Vocal Point sang “Nearer, My God, to Thee” for employees at Dumaguete City Hall. The mayor was so impressed, he asked for 100 tickets to the group’s performance that evening.

Vocal Point spies a billboard featuring the group in downtown Dumaguete, Philippines.

Following a brief trip to enjoy the gorgeous white beaches and cloudless skies of Bohol’s Virgin Island, Vocal Point flew back to Manila to perform for the Mission Leadership Seminar. Vocalist Seth Garff says, “My most spiritual experience was when we performed for the mission presidents. It was our last show of the tour, and my last show in general. I was extremely touched by how kind they were to us. It really made the trip worth it.”

Jensen Diederich gives his all during a Vocal Point concert in Baguio, Philippines.

In the Philippines, Vocal Point films with the news anchors on the GMA morning show Unang Hirit.