Encore Spring 2022

New Director of Performing Arts Management

Congratulations to Shane Wright on becoming the new director of Performing Arts Management (PAM) at Brigham Young University. Wright has been with PAM since 2001 and earned an MPA with an emphasis in management from BYU Marriott. “Shane’s experiences in Performing Arts Management—coupled with his enthusiastic desire to build on the great foundation already in place in PAM—make him an ideal person for his role,” says former BYU international vice president Sandra Rogers.

While at Performing Arts Management, Wright has trained students and staff, managed tours, created marketing materials, and worked with high-level VIPs throughout the US and internationally. He has also coordinated with all the performing group directors in the School of Music and the Department of Dance. For the past 20 years, Wright has booked thousands of concerts in the US and around the world.

“I’ve known Shane from before he became a full-time employee at Performing Arts Management, when he was a student participant in our touring groups,” says Rex Barrington, Wright’s predecessor. “I have always thought very highly of him. He is not only a diligent and thorough worker and representative of BYU, but anyone who knows Shane recognizes his great personality, sharp mind, and kind attitude. We had some great times working together, both in Utah and in foreign lands—and I know he will lead PAM on to some great accomplishments in the future. I count him as a good friend, an energetic BYU worker, and just a great all-around person.”