Encore Spring 2018

Living Legends

Paying Tribute

On the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, about 3,000 people flooded the Bee Hółdzil Fighting Scouts Events Center to watch Living Legends perform. “We weren’t expecting that many people to show up,” says Living Legends social media manager Shanoah Ulibarri Zendejas. “But it just kept filling up, and they really loved the show.”

BYU dancer Sophia Guerrero says, “Our theme for the year is to turn our hearts to the Father and be one with our ancestors.” Because many of the students are familiar with the Navajo Nation through their own ancestry, this performance proved to be a special celebration of cultural heritage. In their final song, “Go, My Son,” Living Legends paid tribute to Chief Manuelito, a revered Navajo leader.

Living Legends also performed in Colorado and New Mexico before returning home to prepare for their extended tour to Germany and Switzerland.