Encore Spring 2022

Rex Barrington Retires After 40 Years of Tours

Performing Arts Management wishes a fond farewell to Rex Barrington as he retires from a long and fulfilling career at Brigham Young University. Barrington served as director of BYU Performing Arts Management for 5 years but was employed in the office for 40 years. During this time, he traveled to nearly 90 countries, established lasting international relationships, helped facilitate the workings of hundreds of domestic and international tours, and even taught at Utah Valley University as an adjunct faculty member for three years. Simply put, Rex Barrington was the foundation upon which performing arts students, faculty, and programs relied.

When asked to share two or three meaningful experiences from his time in Performing Arts Management, Barrington reminisced by saying, “I hope you know what you have asked is simply impossible. More than 40 years traveling to 90 or so countries and making friends and connections worldwide—how do you condense that into two or three memorable thoughts?”

Nonetheless, Barrington provided a plethora of rich cultural experiences with a type of adoring attention only someone deeply intertwined with the program could. Among these experiences was his 2016 Living Legends tour to the South Pacific, where he was able to work with the Tongan royal family and was even inducted as a Samoan chieftain through a special ceremony. This pattern followed Barrington throughout his career as he continually built relationships with people of different cultures, mentored students and colleagues, represented BYU to the highest standard, and shared the gospel through the performing arts.

“Rex has been at Performing Arts Management for 40 years, and he will be greatly missed,” says his successor, Shane Wright. “His worldwide relationships, positive attitude, and outstanding work ethic have been an example to the office. His ability to mentor, his attention to detail, and his continuity have been core strengths. We wish him the best in retirement.”