Ballroom Dance Company

The Ballroom Dance Company Waltzes Through the Continent

After an impressive week at Blackpool, the Ballroom Dance Company changed pace and started traveling through France, Belgium, and Switzerland for performances and sightseeing. Their first locale was Paris, where they toured the Eiffel Tower. Later in the week they visited the Palace of Versailles, the former home of King Louis XIV, whose patronage and love of dance would eventually serve as a cornerstone for modern dance in the west.

During the week, the Ballroom Dance Company performed in Paris, Brussels, Le Chesnay (near Versailles), and Geneva. At the Cirque d’hiver Bouglione in Paris, the dancers had the challenge of fitting their traditional show on a round stage. Despite the difficulties, they enjoyed the chance to perform in such a unique venue. The next few days provided opportunities to perform to sold-out audiences in Brussels and Le Chesnay. A number of students also met with European Union ambassadors from around the world during a VIP reception before the performance in Brussels. The group finished off the week with a performance in Geneva, Switzerland, for their largest audience to date.

BYU Ballroom Dance Company member Brandon Keck teaches a girl to dance during a youth activity in Torcy, France.

Along with these performances, the Ballroom Dance Company held dance activities and a devotional with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Paris, Versailles, and Torcy. On Sunday, the company enjoyed an evening devotional with local Latter-day Saints in Geneva.

BYU Ballroom Dance Company members Richard McShinsky, Spencer Crawford, Jayden Rucker, McKenzie Rucker, Jessi Baldwin, and Misha Duncan pose with Sara (bottom), a lively worker from Le Funambule, after building a quick friendship and enjoying some amazing Belgian waffles.

BYU dancer Kaila Podzikowski prepares for a performance at France’s La Grande Scène du Chesnay.