Chamber Orchestra

The BYU Chamber Orchestra Performs “Melody” by Ukrainian Composer Miroslav Skoryk

Director Kory Katseanes displays his Ukrainian lapel pin at the orchestra's humanitarian concert for refugees

This summer, after a three-year hiatus, the BYU Chamber Orchestra went on an extended tour to Europe where they performed, went sightseeing, and hosted devotionals in several cities including Milan, Rome, and Vienna. While audiences experienced amazing arrangements of classical and contemporary pieces, the director, Kory Katseanes, and his students had something even more meaningful in their program. During each of their eight concerts across Europe, the Orchestra performed “Melody,” a piece by famous Ukrainian composer Miroslav Skoryk. Having been adopted by orchestras all over the world, the BYU Chamber Orchestra felt inspired to add it to their program as a way of standing in solidarity and supporting Ukrainians in their time of need. Click the link below to listen to the sounds of the BYU Chamber Orchestra performing the piece and share their Christlike love on the European continent.