Mountain Strings

The Folk Revival Lives On Through Mountain Strings

While on tour in Hungary and Czechia, Mountain Strings filmed a cover of “Wave the Ocean,” a traditional American melody with lyrics by Tim and Mollie O’Brien. The song is inspired by the sounds of the Appalachian mountains, the birthplace of bluegrass and American folk music. Set against the backdrop of the rich harmonies and acoustic instruments that popularized the genre, “Wave the Ocean” tells a story of a young man who falls in love right before he is drafted into the military. “While filming…crowds of tourists would gather around us to watch as we played music and got footage for the video,” says Mountain Strings fiddler Ellie Geslison. “They would clap at the end of a take, and we had many of them come up to us and say they loved the music and ask where they could watch the video once finished. It was a really cool experience for me. I thought it was so cool how people from all over the world are drawn to music and I loved getting to share something that I am passionate about.” Watch “Wave the Ocean” here!