Vocal Point

Touching Hearts Through Music

Vocal Point poses with Janice de Leeuw, who traveled from the Netherlands to see Vocal Point perform in Chicago.

Vocal Point began their second week of The Magic Tour in Des Moines, performing for an energetic audience in the group’s first concert ever in central Iowa. In addition to the concert, the group conducted two workshops at local high schools and even made time to share a message and song at a group activity for young single adults of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the area. 

The group then traveled to Milwaukee, where they presented an inspirational fireside on Wednesday evening and a full concert on Thursday, receiving another standing ovation and rave reviews from those attending. “Tonight, Vocal Point helped show our kids that you can be cool and live your life in a positive way,” said one audience member. “We are just so grateful to have experienced this show tonight.” 

Vocal Point takes the stage in Milwaukee.

Vocal Point ended the week in the Windy City, presenting a workshop for the combined choir programs of East Leyden High School and West Leyden High School and then performing a high-energy concert in the heart of Chicago. 

Vocal Point’s domestic tour turned international in a special way while in Chicago: two fans traveled more than 4,000 miles to see their show. The group was thrilled to meet Janice de Leeuw in person, who until that night had interacted with Vocal Point only online. Janice is from the Netherlands and began following Vocal Point just before the COVID-19 pandemic began. When the group announced their tour a few months ago, Janice and her brother decided to buy plane tickets from the Netherlands to Chicago just so they could attend a Vocal Point concert in person. Seeing the excitement and emotion in her eyes as she met her favorite group and watched their show is something that the performers will long remember. 

The group presents a devotional in Milwaukee.

Speaking about the experience, Vocal Point director McKay Crockett stated, “Music has such a unique and singularly powerful way of connecting hearts and minds. Barriers of language, distance, disagreement can be minimized and removed by the power of music. I really believe that. I feel grateful for the gift of music that—one heart at a time—continues to build connections and friendships to last a lifetime.”  

Vocal Point poses with the crowd in Des Moines.

High school students in Des Moines join Vocal Point for a workshop.