Encore Spring 2020

Vocal Point

To the Pacific Northwest

Vocal Point member Jason Bromley performs during BYU Winterfest 2020.

BYU Vocal Point members are no strangers to crowds. They have traveled throughout the West Coast and Intermountain West, performing for audiences of many sizes and backgrounds. 

On January 31 and February 1, the group performed for energized audiences at the Winterfest concert series in Salt Lake City at the Conference Center Theater. 

The members of Vocal Point pose for a photo with the audience at the Washington Performing Arts Center in February 2020.

In February, Vocal Point got to experience a first: their inaugural weeklong midsemester tour. This tour covered Portland, Oregon; Everett, Olympia, and Richland, Washington; and Meridian, Idaho. One of their five performances on this tour was managed and sponsored by IMG Artists. Vocal Point also hosted a student outreach event in Olympia. 

This year was supposed to offer the group their first-ever three-week tour, planned to the southern and eastern United States. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, this tour has been postponed till 2021. 

BYU Vocal Point poses for publicity photos following the group’s first international tour in 2019.

Last year held many new experiences for the nine-man a cappella group. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of BYU’s first performing group going to China, the university sent more than 200 performers to China to perform in a show called BYU Spectacular. During this show, Vocal Point danced and sang for audiences in Shanghai, Beijing, and Xi’an. 

This special tour was then followed by Vocal Point’s first solo international tour, in which they spent a week in Bangkok, Thailand. While there, they performed for charity events and visited local sights. “I was blown away by how amazing the people were there,” says baritone Yaphet Bustos. “I’ve never felt so much more energy from a group of people than I did performing abroad.”