Vocal Point

Vocal Point’s “MAGIC” Album Picks Up Momentum

Vocal Point and Adassa in "We Don't Talk About Bruno" music video

There’s something about Vocal Point that is just unapologetically Vocal Point. Every performance is packed with color, confidence, and a flair for theatrics that leaves audiences demanding more. With 780k subscribers on YouTube and over a quarter million monthly listeners on Spotify, Vocal Point’s unique musical flavor has driven their work into the spotlight.

The group’s most recent album, MAGIC: Disney Through Time, is no exception. Bursting with Vocal Point’s signature energy, the album includes favorites such as “When You Wish Upon A Star” from Pinocchio, “Remember Me” from Coco, and “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana. Polished but unserious, nostalgic yet original, MAGIC was met with enthusiasm by longtime fans and new listeners alike. “(Disney) music always seems to bring back those feelings of childlike innocence, wonder, and heroic courage that so often fade away as we grow older.” says McKay Crockett, producer and former artistic director of Vocal Point. “Even though we all grow up, we don’t have to grow out of the MAGIC that comes with believing and remembering!”

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The album continues to gain traction as Vocal Point releases the accompanying music videos. “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from Encanto was particularly successful, racking up 21 million views on YouTube. The latest release, “Cruella de Vil,” offers a modern twist on the classic song with all the glamor and drama of the original. “Seriously, who choreographed this? I need to thank them” says one commenter. “Awesome moves, awesome voices!” says another.

Infused with the lifeblood of youth, creativity, and passion, Vocal Point has the world of music eagerly waiting to see what they’ll do next. Find out for yourself here.

Vocal Point with Cailee Dyer in "Cruella de Vil" music video