Vocal Point

Vocal Point’s Stunning “Beauty and the Beast” Medley

In the expectation of Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast film premiering this week, BYU Vocal Point met with friends to create an outstanding medley.

The medley is a composition of the most popular songs from Beauty and the Beast; including “Belle (Little Town),” “Be Our Guest,” and the famous “Beauty and the Beast” track.

Vocal Point, the Ballroom Dance Company, and Lexi Mae Walker.

“Beauty and the Beast A Cappella Medley” by Vocal Point is magical. The production was set in a Utah castle and the composition of different talents made the video stunning.

Vocal Point’s 9 instrumental voices are unfailing in matching the melody, character, and essence from the original soundtrack; Lexi Mae Walker’s captivating voice makes this medley impossible to turn away from; and the Ballroom Dance Company’s award-winning skills provides fans with a beautiful waltz that incorporates the most highlighted scene of the film.

Lexi Mae Walker wrote on Facebook, “I LOVED making this video with BYU Vocal Point and I LOVE everyone I got to work with!!”

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