Encore Spring 2024

Theatre Ballet

International Folk Dance Ensemble


Vocal Point

Young Ambassadors

Contemporary Dance Theatre

Ballroom Dance Company

Mountain Strings

Warming Hearts

Folk Dancers perform "Oberek", a dance from Poland.

In Salt Lake City, winter was anything but bleak as BYU performing groups entertained audiences and warmed hearts at the Conference Center Theater over the course of several weeks. Noteworthy and Vocal Point kicked off the festivities on February 2 and 3 with their high-spirited energy and sold out all three of their shows. The following weekend, Living Legends honored the cultural heritage of the Americas and the Pacific Islands with their performance of Storytellers. The Young Ambassadors brought lively and tender-hearted theatrics to the stage, singing and dancing to a wide range of musical compositions. Contemporary Dance Theatre celebrated emotional expression and demonstrated complex movement at the debut of their new show, Oh, the Drama!, directed by newcomers Kate Monson and Adam Dyer. Members of the Ballroom Dance Company were delighted to have President Dallin H. Oaks and his wife Kristen attend their show and enjoy their compelling choreography and infectious rhythm. The Sleeping Beauty came to life as Theatre Ballet performed a family-friendly show with beautiful costumes and elegant movement. To close out the talent-filled weekends, Mountain Strings and International Folk Dance Ensemble shared with their audiences more than a dozen cultures from around the world.

With the curtains closed on Winterfest 2024, the BYU performing groups anxiously await next year’s shows!

Theatre Ballet's Isabella Mudrick stuns on stage.

Spencer Waddell and Mo Crump show the theatrics of Contemporary Dance Theatre.