Encore Fall 2023

Noteworthy & Vocal Point

Welcome Carson Trautman

BYU Performing Arts Management is pleased to welcome Carson Trautman as the artistic director for their acclaimed a cappella groups, Noteworthy and Vocal Point. Trautman is a former member of Vocal Point, and his experience helping to create a successful performing group makes him a valuable addition to the team.

An alumnus of Brigham Young University, Trautman graduated in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in marketing from BYU Marriott. While has was a student, he worked as the lead marketing strategist for Vocal Point and collaborated with dozens of top-tier artists including Ben Rector, David Archuleta, and Peter Hollens.

After graduating, Trautman served as the music director and producer for the renowned Rise Up Children’s Choir and was nominated for an LDS Praiseworthy award for his collaboration with Mat and Savanna Shaw in December 2022. He spent only six months away from Vocal Point before signing on as the new artistic director.

Trautman will be taking over from previous directors Amy Geis and McKay Crockett and is grateful for their hard work and dedication to the groups. The newly appointed director is acutely aware of the massive impact Noteworthy and Vocal Point have on millions around the world, and he is thrilled to push these two brands to new horizons. “We live in a world where there is so much dissonance, especially on the internet,” Trautman says. “We need more selfless artists to create light that combats the polarizing darkness of today. That’s what we’re trying to accomplish in Vocal Point and Noteworthy this upcoming year.”