Delivering School Supplies in Zimbabwe

January 20, 2021 03:00 PM

Zimbabwe, 2016 | Source: Randy Boothe, BYU Young Ambassadors artistic director

“On our tour in Zimbabwe, the Young Ambassadors participated with Cecilie Lundgreen, Reeve Nield, and others in delivering school supplies to children at a school out in the bush. The real work had already been done by Eyes for Zimbabwe, gathering and making these items back in Utah and transporting them on the long journey from Utah to Zimbabwe. In subsequent years, the Young Ambassadors have enjoyed a continuing relationship with this organization and volunteered with them here in Utah as they are packing for their annual shipment.

“When our bus arrived, we saw hundreds of students lined up in the sun awaiting our visit. Most of these children have lost their parents to AIDS. An elderly grandfather, seeing hundreds of children with no opportunity to attend school, and recognizing the power of education, organized this school and became its volunteer headmaster. In this school, students are taught by volunteer teachers in corrugated tin school rooms with dirt floors. All resources for these children are provided by volunteers. We were met with hundreds of eager eyes and outstretched arms as the children enthusiastically welcomed us to their school.

“The most basic of school supplies (a pencil and spiral notebook) and balls and wooden toys seemed to mean everything to these children, and we were met with so many hugs and thank-yous. We will never forget the happy faces of those children in Harare.”