BYU Theatre Ballet is Brigham Young University’s top ballet touring company. Students in BYU Theatre Ballet perform regularly on and off campus in both traditional full-length classical ballets and innovative contemporary choreographic works. Theatre Ballet has performed the well-known ballet productions of Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake on campus to sold-out audiences. The company also recently performed an original production of Alice in Wonderland. Contemporary performances, full-length ballet productions, and additional performing in operas, musicals, and with visiting guest artists offer students exciting opportunities to grow technically and artistically as they participate in BYU Theatre Ballet.

Prince and Princess Pre-show Party:
Theatre Ballet presents a pre-show party where audience members can meet, take photos, and dance with ballerinas and the evening’s fairy tale royalty.

Parents should bring cameras and take as many pictures of their children with the ballet company as their cameras can hold. We invite everyone-the young and the old-to dress up in their royal costumes or as their favorite hero and enjoy an evening of fantasy!

Averaging nearly 400 people, the pre-show party has known enormous success among audiences throughout the United States and has served to dramatically increase ticket sales at every venue.

"Thank you for the wonderful Theatre Ballet performance. They were fantastic and I would highly recommend them to others.

"We were excited for the Princess Party. We usually average an audience of about 250-300 per show, but were happy to note that, our numbers were up in the 500 range for tickets used! This is a really big show for us and a very pleasant surprise. I know that having the Prince and Princess Party really made a difference.

"I worried that the performance would be noisy with lots of kids running around, but I was amazed at how well behaved and enthralled they were with the whole show. The intermission was phenomenal! The girls started slowly getting up on stage to dance and when the ballerinas came up, the kids naturally divided into smaller groups, filled the whole stage and followed every leap, twirl, and move that the dancers did. It was very precious."
--Angie Casperson, Marsh Valley Performing Arts
“How we enjoyed the program! It was like watching every girl’s dream come true—to be a dancer, to be treated elegantly, to be dressed up, to be romantic. Your dancers’ control of their bodies as fine instruments was thrilling to see.”
--Sara Bledsoe, Sterling, Colorado