Since entering the world stage at Japan’s Expo ’70,  BYU Young Ambassadors has performed its vibrant blend of song and dance in 56 nations of the world.  Its audiences have included the prime minister of India, the queen of Thailand, and the king and queen of Jordan.

The Young Ambassadors combines contemporary music and dance for a fast-paced showcase of American musical theater. Chosen through an extensive selection process, the group’s talented performers offer a fresh view of America’s culture and way of life. 

"As unofficial ambassadors for the United States, the Young Ambassadors are without peer."
--Gregory J. Newell, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State
"They've changed for the better and better [after 30 years]. The caliber of the students, their talent, hard work, and training have made them very successful."
--Janie Thompson, founding director of the Young Ambassadors