News Email - August 2, 2016
Performing Arts Management
Encore on Tour
Lithuania, Sweden

The culminating event for Synthesis was a performance at the Gala Night for the young single adult conference in Sweden called Festinord.  Originally created for young people in the Nordic countries, Festinord celebrated its 50<sup>th</sup> year with nearly 900 participants from all over the world.  Previous conference attendees were also invited to the black-tie dance, called Gala Night, giving Synthesis the opportunity of providing dance music for over 1,000 people.  But for the band, these people weren’t just spectators.  They had spent most of the week as participants in the conference. Besides their time at Festinord, the band also experienced the following: <ul> <li>Persevering to complete a concert in the center of Vilnius, Lithuania after starting and stopping the performance twice for rain.</li> <li>Enjoying an overnight ferry trip across the Baltic Sea to Sweden.</li> <li>Recording some of the tour’s most popular tunes in a session on the final Saturday in Stockholm.</li> <li>Sharing a Sunday evening devotional with LDS Church members in the Stockholm area.</li> </ul>


Marcus Anderson solos at Vincas Kudirka Square in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Members of Synthesis visit the Stockholm LDS Temple.

Synthesis plays for a capacity crowd at Festinord Gala Night.

Annie and Lyman McBride (right) connect with Swedish relatives after a Sunday evening devotional in Stockholm, Sweden.

Nauvoo, IL

Vocal Point begins a two-week performance run in historic Nauvoo, IL this week, as the final of three BYU groups visiting there this summer. No stranger to being main-stage entertainment, Vocal Point returns to Nauvoo for the fifth time in 10 years. Previous tours to Nauvoo included two weeks of nightly performances, outreach programs in neighboring cities, and even performances in unique venues such as the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, IL, where the curator was so pleased woith the group's presentation that he told the group, “You can sing whatever you want for as long as you want.” Vocal Point will conclude BYU's summer season of touring with this Nauvoo experience.