News Email - May 31, 2016
Performing Arts Management
Encore on Tour
England, Scotland, and Wales

BYU Ballroom Dance Company will be competing once again in Blackpool, England this summer as part of the Blackpool Dance Festival--England's annual prestigious ballroom dance event. Having arrived just last weekend, they will be competing for titles in the Latin Formation and Ballroom Formation Championships. There, they will meet highly qualified dancers from all over the world who will be competing in various categories, in addition to the formation category.  Some of the BYU students will also be competing in individual dance couple events. “The best thing about competing is utilizing creativity through our dances to be a part of a team instead of just performing for someone,” says group member Tanner Grenko. After the Blackpool Championships, the BYU group will perform their new show, "Swing ’n’ Sway" in several cities of Scotland, Wales, and England.  The three-week tour concludes in London.


Ballroom Dance Company is the current United States Ballroom Dance Formation Champion and is a frequent winner of the British formation championships.