Amazing Grace

BYU’s newest a cappella group, Noteworthy, comes with a 10-year history and an amazing resume. Giving Vocal Point a run for its money, Noteworthy contains nine female members whose voices deliver a power-packed concert that combines vocal percussion, humor, and a tight harmony style that’s all their own. Noteworthy has appeared on NBC’s hit television show The Sing-Off and has also been crowned ICCA champions in 2007. Noteworthy’s varied repertoire includes rock, pop, country, jazz, R&B, spiritual, and other musical styles, so there is something for everyone no matter the age.
Check out one of their viral videos.

Performing Arts News
In 2014, 30 years after their initial tour to China, Lee and Linda were once again back on tour internationally with the Ballroom Dance Company. But this time they visited Jia Jia and Chen Bing at their very own Guangzhou Dance Academy. “They really felt something at BYU,” Linda says. “They wanted their school to be like that. The atmosphere they create at their school is a delight. The spirit of love [is] very predominant.”
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Driving through a hailstorm on their way to Logatec, Slovenia, lightning flashing all around them, gave BYU’s Chamber Orchestra a taste of the devastating ice storm and subsequent flooding that had ravaged the town only four months earlier. The group toured the affected area the next morning, and the students knew that they were there to lift spirits with their music.
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